Generic Levitra


Levitra inhibits the action of special fifth type phosphodiesterase so the local action of endogenous nitric oxide is enhanced, which is present at corpora cavernosa in process of sexual irritation. This effect helps to strengthen reaction to sexual arousal.

Levitra starts to be absorbed just after you have taken it. Its effect can be felt after 15 minutes and last up to 5 hours.

Levitra must be used beginning with dosage of 10 mg. The medicine must be taken before sexual act in 25-60 minutes prior it. Taking medicine more than once a day is forbidden. However, the dosage can vary depending on personal tolerance. Though maximum daily dose amounts to 20 mg. It depends as well on person’s age. Alcohol taking has no effect this drug’s action.

Usually the medicine is well-tolerated. Though adverse reaction can appear of short-term character. Among them traditional are (1-10% patients) dyspepsia, reddish face complexion, rhinitis, sickness, giddiness, migraine. The rarest adverse effects (at 0.1 – 1% patients) are back pain, facial oedema, oscitation, nasal hemorrhage, myodynia, green cataract, myocardial ischemia etc.

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