What are Generics and How They Differ from Original Drugs?

Nowadays modern men are offered a great choice of drugs able to help in restoring their men’s health and give an opportunity to forget about all sexual problems. Among the large number of available ED drugs, generics are of great popularity. However, not all men know what is the difference between the original drugs for erectile dysfunction and generics.

The lack of knowledge may prevent some representatives of strong sex to enjoy the use of generics as the lower price may be mistakenly considered the sign of the poorer drug quality. Want to know how to get the top-notch quality drug for improving your health and save money at the same time? Continue reading and learn more about the effects provided by generics drugs.


Is there any difference between generic and original drug?

If you are looking for the effective ED drug, which not only works properly but is reasonably priced, you should consider getting one of the popular generics for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. You may wonder what makes generics so popular today. The reason is obvious as the drugs called “generics” are the same original drugs but they have another producer.

For example, the well-known Viagra Brand is manufactured by the famous American company Pfizer while Viagra Generic for Englishmen is produced in India where the pharmacists have used the same drug formula and produced the same quality drug. Generics are drugs, which are equivalent to the original drugs in their biological, pharmaceutical and therapeutic features. It was proved that generics provide the same positive effects and are able to cause the same side effects as the original drugs.


Why do generics cost less?

If you still have doubts concerning the effectiveness of generics because they are offered at cheaper prices, you should know that this difference can be easily explained. The reason why generics cost much less in comparison with the original drugs is really simple: generics don’t have the patent protection. The active substance used in generics is the same as the one used for the production of the original drugs, for example, Viagra has Sildenafil Citrate and its generic Viagra Soft works thanks to the same active component, however, the additional ingredients may slightly differ but there is nothing to worry about as the main active substance is the only one that has an important role. Other substances aren’t as significant and may be used to add color or flavor. One more factor that influences the price of generics is that they are produced by some other manufactures when the term of the patent of original drugs has already run off.


Why are generics worth choosing for the treatment of ED?

Generics are definitely worth giving preference to due to the fact that getting a generic you don’t take any risks. Before the producers of generics present them at the pharmaceutical market they must prove their safety and effectiveness by different medical trials. Generics and original drugs must meet the same requirements, which provides men with the chance to enjoy the same efficiency and high quality at lower price. A lot of men have reported that after using generics they have got the same effect, which in some cases was even better compared to the effects provided by the original drugs that cost much more expensive. This is due to the fact that some generics have an improved formula, for example, a lot of men prefer Viagra Soft to Brand Viagra as the generic has the softer action and provides the faster effect due to the fact that is dissolved under the tongue and the original Viagra should be washed down with water.

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