The Influence of Dapoxetine

The treatment of an early ejaculation organised with the use of Dapoxetine. Its influence on the time during which the ejaculation doesn’t come out is provided by an active ingredient. It’s called as Priligy and Westoxetin. Men can take this drug only if they are over 18 and they face the problem of premature ejaculation. There’s always the need to visit the doctor before taking the first pill of this drug.

The doctor will examine the general state of the man’s health and prescribe the right dose of the drug. Dapoxetine can be taken at any time of day or night. Its influence is based on the production of serotonin hormone that is responsible for relaxation and feeling joy. Of course, this pill will influence not only the ejaculation time but the whole perception of the surrounding world. If you feel unhappy or depressed, this drug will treat you.

The influence of Dapoxetine depends on the fact whether the man is taking any other drugs or alcohol. If you take anything besides food, you should consult the doctor about any possible outcomes because of the combination of different active ingredients. There are some drugs that can eliminate the effect of Dapoxetine and you will just waste your money. You will find out  how much time there should pass between taking different pills.

The inhibitors of serotonin react to the drug in short time after you take the pill. The influence of Dapoxetine is spread along all the body parts and it influences the state of mood as well. Taking this pill with alcohol can lead to unpredictable results, so you will never know what you will come up with at the end. You may face some side effects that will cause a headache or pain in different parts of the body.

You should carefully choose the right dose for you. The more you take the more chances to get the side effects you will have. You can ask your doctor to pick up the right amount of the active ingredient that will give you the maximum effect. The influence of Dapoxetine depends on the amount of water that you drink. If there’s a dehydration of your body, you will have a higher risk to face side effects. If you drink enough water, you’re likely to have ejaculation at the right time.

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